​​​April A. Carter

Expert relationship coach

Hello! Hello! Hello! I’m so excited that you stopped by! My name is April A. Carter, Expert Relationship Coach and Executive Director of Jax Of Hearts, LLC which is a dating organization devoted to helping African American single women experience fulfilling and meaningful, long-term romantic relationships.

I’m happily married and have one healthy son whom I named after my husband. I always said that I would never do that, but guess what? I did. I’m happy to profess that my love and family life is great now, but it hasn’t always been. Many years ago, I was in an unhealthy relationship. A marriage actually. I used to cry myself to sleep at night praying to God to break me free from the misery that I was in. I knew there had to be more. I knew that I deserved more. I knew that I wanted more, but I didn’t know that I was worth more. 

I take great pleasure in helping people find and maintain long term love. I’ve empowered many people to get to a place of growth and development in their professional and personal lives. With my help, those individuals were able to achieve success by becoming clear on their objectives and reaching their goals with confidence. 

I AM NOT A MATCHMAKER. I help you reach your love potential by providing the necessary tools to meet a compatible match. Learn to date with a purpose to develop and maintain a romantic relationship. You deserve a connection with a high quality individual that wants your love and friendship.  

My Qualifications

My years of experience dealing with my personal relationship failures, heartaches and marital do's and don'ts have prepared me to make the best choices in selecting my partner. Combine that with my natural ability to help others through various journeys and relationship woes, has prepared me for my profession which I am truly passionate about. Fast forward years later, I am now happily married and understand what it takes to find, build and maintain a successful relationship. I'm sharing my knowledge with you to prevent you from making the same mistakes, or wasting time like I did.  After all, "Smart people learn from their own mistakes. Wise people learn from the mistakes of others". 

​​April A. Carter

A Few Words About Me