​​​April A. Carter

Expert relationship coach

Ready for Love

Many individuals confess to be looking for love and you’re no exception.  I know that you want to share your life with that special person. But are you ready to receive a "Real Love"? The time is now to give and receive love.  Don’t talk about it! Be about it! Do what it takes to make a connection with someone who has the same desire of finding a significant love. 

Finding a companion may be at the top of your to do list. Unfortunately, your past efforts have failed. The great news is that you can be helped. It’s not over until it’s over. I have created a simple guide to assist you in achieving a better outcome to find and retain love when the time is right. 
Learn to attract the right person to fit into your life through self-awareness.  It’s imperative for you to understand who you are as a person and as a mate. Be aware of the type of person that you attract into your life.  

The dictionary defines self-awareness as the conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires. In order to pick the right mate you must first know yourself.  Who are you? I know the question sounds like an oxymoron since people go through their entire lives searching for that answer. Millions of people who are not looking for love struggle with that question. You are an ever changing being. However, this inquiry is meant to be answered in the present time.  Who are you today? Who/what has made you into the person that the world sees. This encompasses your likes, dislikes, what makes you happy etc. It is detrimental for you to answer and deeply think about it now more than ever. Answering “Who Am I” will help you in your search of soul mate.   

Be aware of your flaws and accept your short comings.   Have a moment of self-reflection. You’ll be less likely to be ashamed of yourself when you have accepted yourself.  Don’t allow others to negatively impact you because of those flaws or short comings. In other words, embrace it. If you’re not honest with yourself about who you are, you’ll have a hard time building a honest foundation with someone.   
Wearing a mask is what you do.  No one is the same person in private that they are in public.  Who are you at the core?  If you are happiest being alone stay true to that.  Entering a relationship that you don’t truly want is selfish and soon, resentment arises.