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Are You Ready to (Finally) Enjoy the Love Life You Deserve and Live the Extraordinary Life God has Designed for You with Your Forever Love?


The Relationship Transformation - WNDC Method is a self study course - digital download created for you to take immediate steps to create the relationship that you want. 

What's Included:

  •   The 4 principles of Dating with Determination
  •   Healthy relationship worksheet
  •   Compatibility Checklist
  •   E-Book
  • ​  Action Journal
                   ~ WNDC Method ~                    

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                  ~ 4 Week - RESULTS READY ~

When was the last time you and your girlfriends enjoyed each other’s company while transforming your life? Jax Of Hearts - Girl Talk Soiree Group Coaching is 2 hours of transformational relationship coaching in a designated location, or in the virtual world. Enjoy appetizers and beverages as we get to the core of issues that have been holding you back from having a happy, healthy relationship with your compatible companion. 

5 Reasons to Host a Jax Of Hearts - Group Session

1.  Excuse to hang out with your friends and have fun! (Not that you need an excuse)

2.  Learn the 4 principles of Dating with Determination

3.  Learn new strategies to attract and maintain a relationship ready man

4.  Get clarity on what you need in your current relationship

5.  Enjoy a fulfilling and meaningful love life with your partner

This 4 Week -  Results Ready Program is designed to give you the optimal results in a short period of time. We will work together for 30 days to remove the roadblocks that have been holding you back. You’ll intently discover who you are and what you truly desire in your love life to exude your inner confidence in selecting your forever love. This is a virtual course. 

You'll Discover..........

  • The four steps you can take immediately to attract the type of mate you deserve
  • How to release relationship resentment to receive love
  • How to date with determination so you don't waste your time on unworthy men
  • How to recognize what a healthy relationship is prior to getting deeply involved
  • How to create a tangible shift in your mindset, behavior and actions
  • How to release any negative thoughts or feelings that are blocking your love life
  • How to maintain happiness​

I take your love life seriously! I know you want live your best life with Mr. Right. That imperfect person who is perfectly made for you. Let me help you achieve your relationship goals. Together, we'll discuss your relationship roadblocks that are preventing you from having the romance that you fantasize about.  

No more third wheeling or attending events alone. No more loneliness during the holidays. The days of Netflix and chillin' by yourself could be over. It's time that you have a special person to snuggle up with, or pillow talk with about your days events. Let's be honest, girls trips are cool; but wouldn't it be wonderful to vacation with your boo? Romantic walks on the beach or maybe even a moonlight kiss under the stars? The time is now to stop dreaming it and make it happen. We have a program that is right for you.  

​​​​Jax Of Hearts