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I went to a Jax Of Hearts singles mixer. I never attended that type of event before but it was fun meeting people with the icebreakers you did. I don't think I'll be attending anymore though - I met a nice guy and we've gone on a few dates. Fingers crossed, lol.

                                                                           -  Melissa G., 36

At first, I was hesitant working with you. I never thought I needed help with my relationship process. I was always able to get a boyfriend. Those relationships were rocky and didn't go the distance but still, I was able to attract men. I soon realized that I needed help getting the best man for me. Working with you truly has changed my dating process. 

                                                                    -  Jamia Fields, 32

Thanks so much for everything you did for me. Being able to look within has helped me in my relationship and my friendships. I appreciate all of your dedication and professionalism during my process.                            


                                                                    - Brittany Joseph, 41             

You taught me so much about my relationship patterns. Continue to transform the lives of women by inspiring love.                                                                                                                                                     - A. Murphy, 39

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